The whole gang in the sea

Bryony’s Big Body Confidence Beach Day Out

Bryony hosted her first ever Big Body Confidence Beach Day and it was an incredible success!

Supported by Curvy Kate and Ancient and Brave, women from all over the UK donned their bathers and joined Bryony for an afternoon of self-love, celebration and community spirit!

Kicking off at Flow State in Hove, Bryony and her beach day crew were joined by inspirational guest speaker, Michelle Elman who shared her own experiences of body image. The wonderful Emma Lucy Knowles then moved the group through a ritual that helped everyone shake off all limiting self beliefs, before Curvy Kate and Kate Weir provided free bra fittings for all!

After a wonderful morning of self-love and care, everyone put on their bathing suits and Bryony took to the streets with her body confidence beach crew! The whole gang ran into the sea together – a momentous moment where everyone was free to celebrate themselves without fear of judgement.

Ancient and Brave provided post swim refreshments and everyone made their way back home, a little salty, a little sandy but filled with joy and maybe even some newfound confidence!

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