Bryony's Big Challenge

Bryony’s Big Challenge

Hello, I’m Bryony, and this year, I’m going to run a LONG WAY, to help raise vital funds for Mental Health Mates but also to show people that exercise is for everyone!

On April 7th, I will run the Brighton Marathon. Then, over the next two weeks, I will run from Brighton to London. When I get to London, do you think I’m going to put my feet up? Hell no! I’m going to run the London Marathon! If you’re thinking ‘why?’, my answer is ‘why not?’ I want to show how amazing getting outside and moving is for your mental health, and to let people know that if a 43-year-old, size 20 woman who has a history of depression, OCD and alcoholism can take part in a crazy challenge like this, then anyone can get out and move their brilliant bodies!

Every step of the way, I’m going to be joined by a different friend who has faced their own challenges, to show the power of movement for your mental wellbeing. All money raised will support the vital work of Mental Health Mates and its amazing walk leaders, who are the lifeblood of this incredible peer support network that exists up and down the country to help people struggling with their mental health.

So thank you so much for coming and donating – as a small organisation, every penny really does make a difference.

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