Ella Marks

Ella MarksContent Manager

I am a Writer and Director, living and working in London. Since graduating from Goldsmiths University I have written for independent publications, been shortlisted for Script Accelerator at the Park Theatre and have recently written and directed an independent short film, MISS. This all sounds good on paper, but as with most work bio’s, we tend to skip out the real stuff that happens in between the accolades!

I, like most of us in the world, have dealt with and continue to deal with my own mental health issues. I have spent a good part of my time since graduating grappling with anxiety and depression, issues that have made living my life unbearably challenging at times. I know what it is to feel alone with your mental health issues. But I also know that it is organisations like Mental Health Mates that can provide hope and relief for those of us experiencing those difficult feelings.

Mental Health Mates is such a vital part of creating a safe space for people in the community struggling with their mental health. And more than anything, it serves as the most important reminder that you are not alone. I am so proud to be a part of this inspiring and inclusive community that is committed to breaking the stigma surrounding mental health.