Group description

Back in January, I was out running away my OCD, listening to a Jarvis Cocker documentary on poor old Carson McCullers, an author who wrote The Heart is a Lonely Hunter and I think ended up drinking herself to death. There was some archive audio of her where she said ‘everyone is part of a We except me’ and I thought ‘no! No you were wrong! You belonged to a We!’ And then I went home and decided to find the We.
I hadn’t been on Twitter for a while because it’s not a great place when you’re feeling toxic, but I ventured back and mooted the idea of starting up a sort of running/walking club, where people with mental health issues met up and got outdoors while sharing stuff with each other, even if it was just what they watched on the TV. I said we could call it #mentalhealthmates
To my amazement, almost 20 people turned up to the first one on a cold February morning. Now we are almost weekly, with new people coming every time. Do email me on for any questions you might have. I look forward to seeing you soon I hope!

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Let us know that you’re interested in joining a walk and we’ll see how we can help.