Kat Leishman

Ambassador, Operations & Social Media Director

As a fan of Bryony’s book and writing, Kat had recently begun following her on Twitter when she posted asking if anyone would be interested in a regular meet up for people with mental health issues. Encouraged by the way Bryony spoke about her own mental health issues and the relaxed nature of the event Kat was keen to go – she attended my first Mental Health Mates walk in February 2016 and now leads the monthly Clapham Common walk. Not long after the first few walks, Kat (along with a several others) offered to help Bryony with the running of Mental Health Mates due to its growing popularity and attendee numbers. Since then they have established a social media presence (on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram), created Walk Leader Packs for potential volunteers and continued to help run Mental Health Mates on a daily basis.