Self care tip: Celebrating women

This month we’re all about celebrating the women we care about.

Here are our top tips on how you can connect with and celebrate the special women in your lives:

*Check In

Sometimes the simple act of checking in with a loved one can go a long way. Knowing that someone is thinking of us can make us feel appreciated and loved. Be it sending a message, picking up the phone or leaving a note – this month, check in on a special woman in your life and let her know you are thinking of her. 

*Let’s Walk

At Mental Health Mates, we know that one of the most powerful acts of connection is getting out together for a walk. Inviting a special woman in your life to go for a walk is a wonderful way to connect and celebrate them. Be it a walk around your local park, or a stroll with a coffee up the high street – invite a special woman in your life for a walk this month. 

*Write It Out

Receiving a letter from a loved one can be incredibly heartwarming. Writing to a special woman in your life is not only a special gesture, but also a wonderful keepsake for them to have. You may want to write a letter, make them a card or leave a note at the door – whatever you choose, put pen to paper and celebrate a special woman in your life this month. 

Join a walk

Let us know that you’re interested in joining a walk and we’ll see how we can help.