Helping you find your We. Because you are not alone.

What started as a meet-up for people of all ages with mental health issues, where they could walk and talk without fear of judgement, is now a support network with walks across the country, and even overseas.

Our walks are organised by volunteers who have dealt with mental health issues themselves, and are proudly supported by Wagamama. We meet regularly for a cup of tea, a gentle walk, and to chat about whatever is on our minds – be it something related to mental health, what we had for breakfast, the latest film, or something else altogether. If you don’t feel like talking, that’s OK too – our walks are simply an opportunity to meet like-minded people.

Check our walks list here to see if there’s a walk held near you. We’ve listed a meeting point for every walk as well as the name of your walk leader, so you’ll know who you’re looking for. Our events are always free, and we make them as accessible as possible.

You can bring friends, family (including children and/or pets), and colleagues to the walks. They are welcome to attend regardless of whether or not they have mental health issues themselves.

If there isn’t already a walk near you, learn more about how to set one up and how Wagamama can support here.


For me, being a walk leader has been the most wonderful, purposeful and rewarding experiences.
I had always wanted people to feel less alone when dealing with mental Illness, through personal experience I never wanted anyone to feel like they were isolated and not understood like I did, so MHM gave me the perfect opportunity to reach out to my local Community and provide a space for people to meet like minded peers.
Seeing how the regular attendees have managed their mental health and the journey they have been on has been unbelievably rewarding and I feel a deep sense of pride in being able to play a small part on their journey back to good mental health.
Setting up the first walk was daunting but 2 and a half years in, I am so grateful that I did for both the space it provides for the attendees and on a personal level, for how much it’s helped me by meeting such a wonderful bunch of people!

Kate, Leeds Walk Leader

Leading MHMs Newcastle I feel I have found a little community of genuinely lovely people who want to be there for each other in good times and bad. I certainly never had anyone I could talk openly to about my mental health before getting involved. The relaxed and informal nature of the meet ups helps to ease the nerves and there’s never any pressure to open up, but when we do the support is always there. In the two and a half years leading the walks it’s been amazing to see the growth and strength of the regulars; positively looking out for each other and making the bad days just that little bit more bearable for us all. It’s always amazing to see newcomers, knowing that our message of support continues to spread and they feel some benefit from attending. I’m so grateful to Bryony for coming up with the idea of mental health mates and I feel very privileged to lead Newcastle MHMs.

Natalie, Newcastle Walk Leader