Code of conduct

At Mental Health Mates, we look to provide an inclusive and safe space for the members of our community. To ensure we continue to uphold the highest standard of care for everyone, we ask that you follow the Member’s code of conduct when joining our events which we share below:

1. Respecting Facilitators

Our Walk Leader’s are the foundation of Mental Health Mates and incredible leaders of this community. However, like all of us, they also have their own Mental Health to manage. If you have any concerns regarding a Virtual Meet or Walk, please be respectful and kind when communicating this with them. If you are unable to resolve your concern with your Walk Leader, please contact the MHM Team at so that we can help you.

2. Considerate Communications

When attending a Virtual Meet or Walk, it is so important we share and listen equally. Please take turns in listening to each other. It is important that all participants are able to contribute in the way they would would like. We ask that individuals are mindful of what they share as well as not dominating a conversation at the cost of others having their say, it can leave the other members of the group feeling overwhelmed and unable to share. We want everyone to be heard in a fair and considerate manner when attending.

It is normal to want to offer solutions to our peers but sometimes just listening can be equally powerful.

3. Online Boundaries

Online spaces are fantastic platforms in which to communicate. However, whether it is on Instagram or over email, it is essential that we respect each other’s boundaries when operating in these virtual spaces. We ask that you refrain from repeatedly messaging other MHM Member’s online in a manner that could feel overwhelming. Please keep in mind that our volunteers often have other responsibilities such as work and may not be available to respond to your messages immediately.

If you are feeling distressed and are in need of immediate support text SHOUT.

We advocate kindness, therefore sending threatening messages or using inappropriate language will result in you being asked to longer participate in MHM.
If you continue to message another Member after they have requested you don’t, we will contact you directly and ask that you no longer participate in Mental Health Mates.

4. Peer Support Only

Mental Health Mates is a peer support network run by people who experience their own mental health issues, meeting regularly to walk, connect and share without fear or judgement. We are not mental health professionals so if we feel unable to meet your needs we will recommend other services for you to contact.

It is natural to gravitate towards others in the group and want to keep contact with them outside of the walks or virtual talks. We ask that you be respectful of each others boundaries when asking or sharing contact details.

We are also not a means to meet a romantic partner and we ask that you do not use the organisation for these purposes as it is in direct conflict with the safe community we provide for our Members.


Please keep in mind that this is a safe space to talk and what is said in the group stays in the group.

We hope that these guidelines are helpful to you in understanding the environment and support that Mental Health Mates offers. We are afraid that if Members are not able to adhere to these behaviours, as a peer support group, we will need to ask them to step back from MHM activity and will recommend other sources of support for them to explore.

Join a walk

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