MHM Online

Zooms and community

Mental Health Mates onlineWith a year of lockdowns and meeting restrictions being implemented across the UK, Mental Health Mates decided to expand into the virtual world and begin zooming! In addition to our Walks, MHM added this fantastic new dimension of connection to our network so that we could continue to keep our community connected and supported during these challenging times.

While meeting online may not be the same as getting together in person, it has provided a lifeline for many during a time of physical isolation. Our virtual meet ups have been a great way of staying connected whilst physically apart and with this in mind, we have decided to continue our virtual meet ups alongside the walks as we move forward.

We will also be launching our online community events very soon – watch out for more news on this!


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If you are interested in setting up your own virtual meet up, please email us at and we will set the ball rolling!