Come Along!

I am proud to say that I was at the first mental health mates meet up on Valentines Day and have been to quite a few meet ups since. I am eternally grateful to Bryony for having the guts and perseverence to make it happen. I had a breakdown last summer, which had been many years in the making. I was putting impossible pressure on myself, worrying about things beyond my control and overthinking everything. This led to panic attacks, sleeping problems and I was diagonised with Anxiety. I have since been on medication, have been in CBT. I have also learnt meditation & opened my mind more. All of these things have really helped and being part of Mental Health Mates has made a big difference and everyone I have met through it has been great. I look forward to the meet ups. I know how uncomfortable it can be meeting new people, but please if you are struggling don’t suffer alone, get some help and give it a try if you can & hopefully you will find it makes a difference.

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