MHM Get Together group photo

MHM Get Together

Last week, Bryony hosted our first ever Mental Health Mates Get Together in London! We invited our incredible MHM Walk Leaders and members to join us for a day of walking, talking, connecting and sharing. 

We kicked off the day with a Mental Health Mates walk that took us to our venue where we were met by MHM founder Bryony Gordon! After some wonderful tea and chat, we headed to the main event … 

Bryony was joined on stage by three incredible speakers, Poppy Delbridge, Emma Campbell and Melissa Hemsley. Poppy Delbridge, a transformational mind coach, led us in a wonderful tapping workshop – an acupressure technique used to reduce stress and anxiety. This was followed by an incredible talk about the power of connection with author, columnist and speaker, Emma Campbell. Bryony was then joined by chef, writer and sustainability champion,  Melissa Hemsley, who shared her fantastic tips for nourishing our minds. 

Bryony invited to the stage three of our fantastic Walk Leaders from across the UK – Michelle, Steve and Hayley – to discuss their experience of being MHM Walk Leaders and the positive impact the Walks have on the members of their community, as well as themselves. 

We rounded out the day by giving out our first ever MHM recognition award, sponsored by Joules, to MHM Beverley Walk Leader Clare Greaves! We were thrilled to recognise Clare for the incredible contribution she has made, and continues to make, to the MHM community and beyond! 

We are so grateful for the support of Joules, Bird & Blend, our wonderful panel of speakers, Emma Campbell, Poppy Delbridge and Melissa Hermsley and our incredible MHM community for helping this special day come to life!  

It was incredibly exciting to see the community come together to celebrate Mental Health Mates and we can’t wait for the next one! 

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