Nicholas Pinnock


Nicholas Pinnock has been seen across theatre, television and film for over 30 years. His next project will be starring in the ABC series, “For Life” (produced by Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson) and co-starring with David Tennant in the Netflix drama, “Criminal”. Additionally, in the Fall of 2019, he’ll be seen on the big screen in the film “The Last Tree.” 

Previously, he could be seen in: the sci-fi thriller “Counterpart”, Netflix in the fan favourite TV show, “Top Boy” and “Marcella.” In 2016, Nicholas starred in “Barbarians Rising” playing the role of ‘Hannibal.” Following on from that he was seen in the television miniseries “Guerilla,” In 2015 Nicholas was seen in the role of Frank Sutter in Sky’s much acclaimed “Fortitude” with Stanley Tucci.

In 2017 Nicholas Pinnock was seen returning to the stage for his second round in “The Royale.” Nicholas reprised the role of ‘Jay Jackson,’ after a successful run at the Bush Theatre. Previous theatre work includes “Ear for Eye” at the Royal Court in London, “As You Like It” at Staffordshire Castle, “Born Bad” at Hampstead Theatre, as well as working with directors such as Kathy Burke and writer Debbie Tucker Green.

Nicholas is also a trained dancer and a poet, using poetry as a great escape, where he can vent his feelings in a way that he can’t vocalise; he calls it “blotting paper for the soul”. Community and real connections are extremely important to him; he often leaves his house without a mobile phone, on purpose, in order to connect with the world around him.

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