Lessons I’ve learnt: OCD Edition

You give your thoughts meaning and significance. Don’t avoid things that make you anxious, rather make a list, write down what you’re feeling and maintain exposure at all times. Anxiety will remain but it will slowly lessen more and more times you are exposed to the situation.

Let your thought run its course – it’s not your reality. Your negative thoughts does not represent who you are as a person, you are not a horrible person. You haven’t done anything to confirm the thoughts – don’t let your mind control you nor should you even try to control your mind.

Whenever any thoughts come up – let it be! Acknowledge it and watch it pass.

You have to understand this; everyone has a different level of threshold, and it’s completely fine to feel more than others.

Distraction is good for the short term, exposure is good for the long term. Don’t ask yourself questions you’ll never have the answer to, rather ask yourself why do you feel like this – break it down. Be at peace, practice mindfulness and carry on doing things that you loved doing, results will never be as bad as you thought.

You still can be you. You still can be you.

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