Off Work!

Hi been off work now for 3 months due to anxiety and depression I was called in to work by my boss for a support meeting to see how they could assist me and get me back to work as soon as possible I listened to what he had to say and then I said to him but wait you are not listening to me I am telling you that I have a mental illness but it just did not seem to register with him all he was concerned with was when I would be better cured and back in work ! Why don,t people understand that there is no cure you just have good days and really bad days I,ve been on sertralin for three months now it does seem to have improved my moods and I have not flown off the handle or lost my temper for sometime now and my long suffering wife who said that she does not have to tip-toe around on egg shells anymore life can be better but people have to listen to those of us to are silent and suffering alone! Has for work I might not go back has the job is so stressful I would not recommend to anyone working in a Prison at present………..!

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