Walk Leader: Peter

"It has helped to improve my general well-being and is an essential cog in my own recovery"


Bexleyheath Walk Leader 

Why did you become a Mental Health Mates Walk Leader?

I joined as a member of MHM Orpington in Nov 2020.  I decided to lead my own walking group in June 2021 as our walk leader was leaving and I noticed there were no walks taking place near me.

How has being a part of the community positively impacted your life and mental health? 

When my own MH was bad, I removed myself from the local community and stopped meeting others.  Through MHM I have started to integrate with others again (in my local community) and have good relationships with other walk leaders through Instagram and our monthly meetings. It is no coincidence that my MH has improved greatly ever since…  The added bonus is meeting wonderful people and making new friends. 

What advice would you offer for someone who wants to get involved with MHM?

I have thoroughly enjoyed my association with MHM as both member and now walk leader.  It has helped to improve my general well-being and is an essential cog in my own recovery from MH issues.  My advice would be… put your worries and anxieties aside & join a local group like I did – you won’t regret it!

Where do you take your MHM walking groups and what happens on a walk? 

MHM Bexleyheath takes place in our local park (Danson Park at Bexleyheath).  We all meet outside The Danson Stables Pub at the start of the walk and after some introductions we set off on our walk.  We normally stick to the path and walk around a large lake to ensure it is accessible to everyone.  We finish our walk outside a refreshment kiosk for a well-earned hot drink and some treats!

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