Walk Leader: Rachel

"I've always been open about my own mental health struggles but always felt quite alone. This group has shown me it's ok to talk and that I am not alone."

Rachel: Walk Leader
Rachel: Walk Leader

Bristol Walk Leader

Why did you become a Mental Health Mates Walk Leader?

I loved the idea of MHM walks and the nationwide community.  As we had nothing in Bristol, I wanted to create a friendly group that encouraged people to talk and mix within the community. A place that had no judgement, where everyone knew it was ok to talk about Mental Health.

How has being a part of the community positively impacted your life and mental health? 

I was nervous creating the group, but it has opened my life up to so many people and given so much support. I’ve always been open about my own mental health struggles but always felt quite alone. This group has shown me it’s ok to talk and that I am not alone. 

What advice would you offer for someone who wants to get involved with MHM? 

The first step can be the hardest, but it is so worth it. We are part of one big family, we all like to talk and are great listeners. If you come to a walk as a Leader or a walker, know that you’ll always have support.

Where do you take your MHM walking groups and what happens on a walk? 

We walk around Bristol’s woods and harbour, at a gentle pace talking about our week. Whether it’s what we’ve watched, where we’ve been or how we have coped. Although if you walk with me it’s normally food and crafts! We love a good photo and pause when needed, the walk is more about the connection and talk rather than working up a sweat. 

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